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New Customers


Lion's Wholesale Marketing has many departments working together to create a smooth transition for customers. The area sales representatives are always available for assistance. However, listed below are some items needed for customer establishment, or for customer changes after establishment. This listing may not be exclusive. If you have further questions, please contact the area sales representative.

TRANSACTION ITEMS NEEDED (not exclusive) RETURN DOCUMENTS (View Contact Names for address information)

CREDIT DEPARTMENT – Credit Establishment
  • Lion Oil Credit Application
  • Personal Guaranty Form
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Agreement
  • Voided Check or Deposit Slip to accompany EFT Agreement
  • Year-end Corporate & Personal Financial Statements on all owners
MARKETING DEPARTMENT – Customer Establishment
  • Federal ID Number
  • Terminal Guaranty Agreement (TGA) for customer
  • Terminal Guaranty Agreement (TGA) for carrier, if not already on file with Lion
  • Customer Designation Form
  • Certificate of Insurance, as applies to TGAs and/or by state law
  • Hazardous Material Security Plan letter (only applies to customer trucks loading at Lion Oil facilities)
  • List of terminal(s) for clearance (include specific state destination(s) and carrier(s) per terminal)
  • Copies of State Motor Vehicle and Distributor's License Information
  • Indemnification Agreement(s) – if applicable
  • Carrier SCAC codes Sales Representative (Sales representative forwards paperwork to proper departments for further handling)

Download Credit Forms and Requirements

  • Marketing Department – Customer Establishment
  • Lion needs information for any common and/or proprietary trucks that haul for Lion Oil customers. All common & proprietary trucks must return the following paperwork. Additional paperwork is also required of any carriers loading at a Lion Oil facility.

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